Appleton Public Library

Board of Trustees


February 8, 1999

Present: Bergen, Bergman, Bloedow, Ducklow, Gosse, Parker

Excused: Dunlap, Loebach, Schuessler

Others Present: Kelly, Lemke, Muench, Wiltzius


The meeting was called to order by President Bergen at 5:05 PM. The minutes of the January 11, 1999 meeting were reviewed. Bergman moved approval, Bloedow seconded and the motion passed. Ducklow moved approval of the December 1998 and January 1999 bill register, Parker seconded. After discussion, the motion passed. Gosse moved approval of the check register for January 1999, Parker seconded, the motion passed.

Planning Committee Report

Bergen reported on the Strategic Planning Committee meeting with Himmel and Wilson. Focus Groups will meet in February and the full committee will meet again in early March. The complete plan will be available by June 30, 1999.

Director's Report

WLA Legislative Agenda

In Dawson's absence, Kelly gave a brief explanation of Library Legislative Day in Madison February 9, 1999. The Board reviewed the 1999 Legislative Agenda. Gosse moved approval, Parker seconded, and the motion passed. Page Salaries Kelly gave a brief background of the Page hourly rate and asked the Board to approve an increase to $6.50 per hour. Parker moved approval, Bloedow seconded and the motion passed.

Vacation Benefits

Kelly recommended that library vacation benefits for all benefited staff be made identical to the vacation schedule currently in effect for exempt staff only. This would be consistent with other City departments, which had made the same change as of January 1. After discussion, Bloedow moved that the vacation schedule be changed effective January 1, 1999. Parker seconded and the motion passed.

March Board Meeting Date

Dawson, Kelly and Rick Krumwiede will be in Washington D.C. the second week of March to attend a conference "Computers in Libraries". Therefore, the next Board Meeting will be March 15, 1999 at 5:00 PM.

Other Business Bloedow moved that the Board convene to Executive Session pursuant to Wisconsin statute 19.85(1) to discuss personnel matters. Gosse seconded. The motion passed.

The Board reconvened after the Executive Session. Bloedow moved to approve the salary adjustments as approved in closed session, Parker seconded, the motion passed.

Gosse moved adjournment, Bergman seconded, and the meeting adjourned at 6:25 PM.