Appleton Public Library

Board of Trustees


May 10, 1999

Present: Bergen, Bergman, Bloedow, Ducklow, Heuring, Loebach, Parker, Schuessler Excused: Dunlap

Others Present: Dawson, Kelly, Lemke, Muench

President Bergen called the meeting to order and welcomed Jane Heuring, newly appointed by the Mayor as the Council representative to the Board.


The minutes of the April 13, 1999, meeting were reviewed. Bergman moved approval, Ducklow seconded and the motion passed. Schuessler moved approval of the April 1999 bill register and Bergman seconded. The motion passed.

Foundation Grants

Dawson presented the grants awarded by the APL Foundation for approval by the Board.

Library Programs

1. Young Adult program kick-off event 800

    1. Leadership Book Discussion series 1,000
3. Greta Van Susteren appearance 8,000

4. Summer Library Program presenters 1,113

Collection Enhancements

1. Spanish language materials 3,000

2. Books on Compact Disc 2,500

3. Country Music on Compact Disc 2,500

4. Children's CD-ROMS 1,200

Total 20,613

Bloedow moved approval of the grants as presented, Loebach seconded, and the motion passed.

Special Planning Committee - Schuessler

Schuessler reported that the Planning Committee had discussed results of the Focus Groups and surveys to target library priorities. Library section heads met with Himmel and Wilson to review service responses and discuss goals. The next meeting of the Planning Committee will be May 17.

Director's Report

Dawson reported that several parts of the Wisconsin Library Association agenda are looking positive within the Joint Finance Committee, including BadgerLink and restoration of TEACH Wisconsin program funds. Funding for Library Systems is still in jeopardy and Dawson encouraged Board members to contact legislators on behalf of increasing funding for systems.

Dawson reported that the Library Section Heads have met to brainstorm the year 2000 budget. Further details will be forthcoming; Dawson noted that the Board should probably plan to schedule a Finance Committee meeting in July.

Dawson mentioned that later in the year there are three policies that should be reviewed and if necessary updated: the Internet policy, the materials policy, and the finance policy.

Other Business

Bloedow commended all involved in the Library Plaza Dedication. The meeting adjourned at 6:20 PM.