Appleton Public Library

Board of Trustees


June 14, 1999

Present: Bergen, Bergman, Bloedow, Ducklow, Dunlap Heuring, Parker, Schuessler Excused: Loebach

Others Present: Dawson, Kelly, Lemke, Muench, Wiltzius

President Bergen called the meeting to order at 5:03 PM.

Bergen read a letter from the Bauernfeind Family Foundation commending the Library for bringing the "Shared Hearts" exhibit to Appleton and giving a $200 donation to the library.


The minutes of the May 10, 1999, meeting were reviewed. Bergman moved approval, Parker seconded and the motion passed. Parker moved approval of the May 1999 bill register and Bloedow seconded. The motion passed.

Board Reappointments

Will Bloedow, Eloise Loebach, and Kathy Schuessler have been re-appointed by the Mayor for another three year term on the Board.

1999 Budget Change 70/30 Carryover

According to City policy, after the annual audit, 70% of any budget surplus from the previous year be reallocated for expenditure. The library had a reallocation of $6,958. Staff suggested that $2,000 be used for ballasts and atrium glass repair. The remaining $4,958 will be used to change the file server, install virus software on PCs, and the purchase of additional network software. Schuessler moved approval of the proposal, Parker seconded, and the motion passed. The budget modification will be forwarded to the City Finance Committee and Council as an informational item.

Technology Plan Approval

A summary of the proposed Technology Plan was distributed to the Board and Dawson asked Kelly to explain the plan. The proposal is a revision of a Technology Plan developed in 1997, but with language revised to better reflect changing circumstances, including the addition of network services staff, the proposed long range plan under development and changing state and federal requirements. Bloedow moved approval of the plan and Bergman seconded. The motion passed.

Director's Report

Dawson informed the Board of the current legislative proposals for the funding of library systems throughout the State. There is widespread concern in the state library community over continuously decreasing funding for systems. Dawson encouraged the Board to contact Representatives and lobby for support of increased funding to library systems.

The Mayor has asked that the 2000 Budget be submitted by July 13. To meet this timeline, Dawson asked that the Board Finance Committee meet prior to the next Board meeting. After discussion, the committee agreed to meet July 1, 1999 at 3:00 PM in the library Board Room. Dawson reviewed the status of the staff’s budget proposals. Ducklow suggested that consideration be given to establishing a coffee shop in the library and that the idea be further explored.

Dawson asked Board Members to bring their Library Board binders to the July 12 meeting for updating.


The meeting adjourned at 6:20 PM.