Appleton Public Library

Board of Trustees


May 8, 2000


Present: Bergen, Bergman, Bloedow, Heuring, Parker, Schuessler

Excused: Ducklow, Dunlap, Loebach

Others Present: Dawson, Kelly, Lemke, Muench, Shriver

The meeting was called to order at 5:03 PM by Secretary Bergman. (President Schuessler arrived at 5:10)


A check for $150.00 was received from Aid Association for Lutherans as a token of appreciation for the use of the atrium for a photo-shoot. Bloedow made the motion to accept the money and place it in the Young Adult materials budget. Bergen seconded and the motion passed.


The minutes of the April 10, 2000 meeting were reviewed; Bergen moved approval, Parker seconded and the motion passed. Parker moved approval of the April 2000 bill register and Bergman seconded. The motion passed.

Personnel Policy Changes

Copies of the proposed changes to the Personnel Policy were distributed to the Board. Bergen moved to adopt the proposed changes and Bergman seconded. The motion passed. Dawson noted that changes to the policy that do not have a financial impact to the library will become effective immediately, vision insurance will be paid from existing City funds and begin July 1, and other changes will be effective in 2001.

 60/40 Appropriation Request

Dawson recommended that the Library’s request for 60/40 funds from the City be used to supplement parking fees and replace the fire panel. Parking fees were increased after the 2000 budget was approved which will result in a $4,914 deficit in this year. An additional $1,260 is being requested for passes for part time employees who regularly work several times a week during the day.

The fire panel alarm and control system has been malfunctioning periodically and due to the age of the system, replacing it should be considered soon. The estimated cost of replacement is $14,950. Bergen made the motion to request $21,124 from the 60/40 funds for parking and the fire panel, Parker seconded and the motion passed. Dawson will keep the Board informed of the process.

 Director’s Report

Special Youth Needs – Dawson asked Meg Shriver, Reference Supervisor, to give a brief report on a study she has been involved in to address the special needs of at risk young adults. A group of OWLS librarians, headed by Jane Garton and Greta Thompson, have been meeting to identify and recommend programs to meet the needs of young adults. OWLS will publish a plan and recommendations.

Library Foundation Grants – Dawson distributed a list of grants for the fiscal year 1999-2000.

Young Adult Collection – In the area now occupied by the art collection, staff proposes to establish a Young Adult area. Funds from the Library Foundation will be used for equipment needed to remodel the area. To do this the library will need to discontinue circulation of art prints. The art prints will be sold at the book sale in November 2000. Parker moved approval, Bloedow seconded and the motion passed.

Other Business

The Library Foundation will purchase refrigerator magnets to promote the new summer hours of the library.

Heuring has a meeting time conflict with Library Board and another of her City Council committees. Dawson will poll the Board to find out the best time for Library Board meetings.

Bergen moved to adjourn the meeting, Bergman seconded. The meeting adjourned at 6:07 PM.