Appleton Public Library

Board of Trustees


October 18, 2000



Present:                         Bergen, Bloedow, Ducklow, Heuring, Parker, Schuessler

Excused:                       Bergman, Dunlap,

Others Present:            Kelly, Lemke, Muench, Nitz, Shriver


President Schuessler called the meeting to order at 12:18 PM.



The minutes of the September 12, 2000 meeting were reviewed; Bloedow moved approval, Parker seconded, and the motion passed.  Ducklow moved approval of the September 2000 bill registers. Bergen seconded and the motion passed.


Assistant Director's Report

2001 APL Calendar

Kelly presented a proposed calendar for the year 2001.  Bergen moved approval of the 2001 calendar and Heuring seconded.  The motion passed.


Board Member Resignation

The Board received a letter of resignation from Elly Loebach.  Elly has taken a new position within the AASD and was unable to attend future Board Meetings.  The Board thanks Elly for the many years of service and support of the Appleton Public Library.


Karen de Young, Director of the Outagamie County Red Cross, has agreed to serve on the APL Board and pending approval by  the City of Appleton Council at the October 18th meeting, will begin her term immediately.


Frank P. Young Scholarship Committee

Schuessler asked the 1999 Scholarship Committee: Bloedow, Bergman, and Ducklow, to continue to serve on the 2000 Frank P. Young Committee.


A donation of $200 was received from Image Studios for use of the Library.  Parker moved the money be placed in the Frank P. Young Scholarship fund, Heuring seconded. The motion passed.


Coffee Shop Progress 

At this time, the contract with Foxley's, the coffee shop vendor, has not been signed. 


Information on Technical Services

Michael Nitz, Supervisor in Technical Services, gave the Board  a  review of the services provided to APL and the Outagamie/Waupaca  System Libraries.  APL provides cataloging services to 53 other libraries, teaches cataloging to other librarians at their libraries, processes and prepares materials for circulation, and maintains the on-line catalog.


Old Business


The meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM