Appleton Public Library

Board of Trustees Minutes

March 14, 2001



Present:                  Bergman, Bloedow, de Young, Ducklow, Heuring, Schuessler

Excused:                Bergen, Dunlap, Parker

Others present:       Dawson, Kelly, Lemke, Muench, Shriver




President Schuessler called the meeting to order at 12:07 PM.  The minutes of the February 14, 2001 meeting were reviewed.  de Young moved approval, Heuring seconded, and the motion passed.   Bloedow moved approval of the February 2001 bill registers, Bergman seconded, the motion passed.  In the absence of Secretary Parker, Heuring was appointed Acting Secretary to sign the bill registers.


Director's Report

City Council has approved 100% carryover of $18,000 from the 2000.  The carryover includes an adjustment to utilities, training, and fire panel changes not completed in 2000. 


Dawson expressed concern over the governor's budget for 2001, which did not include any additional funding for the Library Systems.   He noted that he written to the Governor, State Representatives and Senators expressing his concern and asked Board members to do the same.   The Annual Report to the State has been completed and after OWLS has reviewed the report, copies will be sent to the Board members.  Bloedow moved to accept the System Effectiveness Statement with regard to OWLS.  Heuring seconded and the motion passed.


Dawson reviewed activities and statistics.  He distributed a calendar of events that will take place during National Library Week, April 1 through April 7.  Circulation of materials continues to grow, with online renewals helping to increase circulation.  Internet workstations are experiencing an 85% to 90% usage.


In response to an earlier Board request, Dawson presented an outline of the library's budget development process.  Budgeting activities take place year round with formal Council budget adoption in November.


The meeting adjourned at 12:55 PM