Appleton Public Library

Board of Trustees Minutes

September 12, 2001



Present:                             Bergen, Bergman, Bloedow, Chandler, Dunlap, Schuessler

Excused:                             Heuring, de Young, Ducklow

Others present:                              Dawson, Kelly, Shriver


President Schuessler called the meeting to order at 12:07 PM.



Dawson reported that former Library Director Jerry Pennington would be visiting the weekend of September 22-23.



Minutes of the July 13, 2001 meeting were reviewed: Chandler moved approval, Bergman seconded, and the motion passed.   Bergman moved approval of the July and August 2001 bill registers, Dunlap seconded, the motion passed.


Nominating Committee Report

Dawson reported that committee chair de Young had called to recommend that the following slate be adopted:  President: Schuessler; Vice President: Bergman; Secretary: Bloedow.  Bergen moved to accept the slate as recommended and to elect the three officers.  Dunlap seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


Other Business

Dawson offered OWLS 25th anniversary T-shirts to any interested board members.


Staff has added a web page providing advice about talking with children after a tragedy to our web site following the attacks yesterday on the World Trade Centers and Pentagon.  He noted that all staff have been offered time off during work time to donate blood during the next few weeks.


The sculpture donated by Don Churchill in memory of his wife Berta will be installed in front of the library within the next month.  Dawson will work with Churchill regarding a dedication ceremony.  After the sculpture has been installed, staff will look at lighting issues.


The Wisconsin Library Association annual conference will be in Appleton on October 24-26, 2001.  Dawson is the chair of the Planning Committee.  Board members were encouraged to attend any or all of the conference.  The Library will be hosting an all conference reception, and invitations to that event will be sent to all board members.


A discussion of the 2002 budget request was held.  The board discussed strategies for ensuring that the library is adequately funded in light of increased public demand and use of the facility and services. 


The meeting adjourned at 1:05 PM.