Appleton Public Library
Board of Trustees Minutes
March 13, 2002

Present: Bergen, Bergman, Bloedow, Chandler, de Young, Ducklow, Dunlap, Schuessler,
Excused: Heuring
Others present: Dawson, Kelly, Lemke, Lenz, Muench, Shriver

President Schuessler called the meeting to order at 12:03 PM. Minutes of the February 13, 2002 meeting were reviewed. Bergen moved to accept the minutes and de Young seconded. The motion passed. de Young moved to approve the February 2002 bill register and Ducklow seconded. The motion passed.

Board Planning Committee Report
Dunlap reported that the Planning Committee met in February to discuss goals for the Board for the next year. It was decided that the Board have a retreat to discuss priorities and review Board duties from the new state Trustee Handbook. After discussion, the Board agreed on May 31, 2002 from 9 AM to 1 PM at a location to be determined.

Frank P. Young Scholarship Committee Report
Bloedow reported that five applications had been received for the Frank P. Young Scholarship and the committee had met and selected two: Joseph Bongers and Colleen Rortvedt. Bloedow made the motion to award a $500 scholarship to each of the selected candidates. Bergman seconded and the motion passed.

Personnel Policy Revision
The city has made some changes in city policy and staff recommended changing library policies to conform. The "Adjustment for Excellence" has been eliminated and "Tuition Reimbursement" is no longer a separate City benefit. The following revised policy language was proposed:

V. Salary Administration
A. Salary Adjustments: Salary adjustments allow employees to move within their pay grades. These adjustments are made in the following ways:
1. General pay adjustments for all employees whose work is determined by their supervisor to be satisfactory
2. 3% Performance adjustments for employees in the first quartile of their respective pay grades that have met their goals.
3. 2% performance adjustments for employees in the second quartile of their respective pay grade that have met their goals.
4. 2% performance adjustments for employees in the third or fourth quartiles of their respective pay grade that have exceeded their goals.

X. Fringe Benefits
Library employees may be eligible for reimbursement for approved educational expenses within the Library's travel and training budget.

Bergen made the motion to accept the proposed changes, de Young seconded and the motion passed.

Director's Report
Dawson distributed the 2001 Annual Report document developed at the Board's suggestion and sent out with library newsletters. The Annual Report that is sent to the State has been completed and all Board members will receive a signed copy of the report. Bergen made a motion to adopt the system effectiveness statement. de Young seconded and the motion passed.

There has not been a resolution on the issue of charging for reserves. The Calumet County Board has voted to limit the amount paid to OWLS as part of the agreement between the Manitowoc/Calumet System Library and OWLS until the State resolves the State Revenue problem. They will pay 70% of the contract, however this could amount to a $17,000 shortfall in revenue. The main users of library services from Calumet County live in the Towns of Buchanan, Darboy, and Sherwood. Dawson suggested no action at this time but will continue to discuss the issue with OWLS and other library directors serving this area.

Dawson reported that he, Kelly, and Schuessler had met with the Mayor, City Attorney, Human Resources Director and other City staff on February 28, 2002. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the relationship of the Library, City Hall and the authority of the Library Board over policies affecting library employees and library operations. The City Attorney plans to attend the April 9, 2002 Library Board Meeting to express the City's position in these matters. The Board agreed to schedule the meeting at 11:00 AM to allow ample time for discussion.

Library staff has planned several events for National Library Week, April 14-20. Our "Volunteer of the Year" for 2001 is Ralph Dorn.

Closed Session
Bergen made the motion to adjourn to closed session, de Young seconded A roll call vote was recorded, with Bergen, Bergman, Bloedow, Chandler, de Young, Ducklow, Dunlap and Schuessler voting in favor, none opposed. The Board convened in closed session pursuant to Wisconsin statute 19.85(1) (b)& c) to discuss personnel actions and compensation and then resumed meeting in open session.

Other Business
The meeting reconvened publicly at 1:30 PM. Bloedow moved to approve a 5% increase in Elizabeth Eisen's salary for the duration of Cecilia Wiltzius' absence, Ducklow seconded and the motion passed. Bergen moved to approve Dawson's 2002 goals, de Young seconded and the motion passed.

de Young moved to adjourn, Bloedow seconded and the meeting adjourned at 1:37 PM.