Appleton Public Library

Board of Trustees Minutes

June 13, 2002


Present:                Bergman, Chandler, Ducklow, Dunlap, Nagler, Schuessler

Excused:              Bergen, Bloedow, de Young

Others present:   Kelly, Lemke, Muench


President Schuessler called the meeting to order at 12:05 PM.


Communications & Presentations



Board Appointments

Bloedow, de Young, and Schuessler have been reappointed to the Library Board for another three year term by the Mayor and City Council.


Minutes and Bill Registers

Nagler moved and Bergman seconded approval of the minutes of the May 8, 2002 meeting with one correction, Jane Heuring was not present at the May 8th meeting, but Helen Nagler was. The motion passed.  Bergman moved to approve the May bill registers and Ducklow seconded.  The motion passed.


Policy Committee Report

Chandler reported that Dawson had received an opinion on Section 8 of the Privacy Policy from the City Attorney.  It is the Attorney’s recommendation that the library adopt the policy as outlined.

Under Wis. Stat. 43.40, the library will not disclose to parents or guardians any records of use by children except with the permission of the child.  Possession of the child’s library card number by a parent or guardian is construed to imply permission.


Nagler moved and Chandler seconded to approve Section 8 of the Security Policy with the changes recommended by the City Attorney.  The motion passed.


Chandler asked Kelly to explain the General Personnel Policy that had been drafted to use as a guiding document over the next several months as the Library and City Human Resources negotiate the Library’s adoption of City Personnel policies.  The City’s Human Resources Director has requested the Library Board hold off on passing this document to give her time to study and review it.  The document was tabled.  The Board would like further discussion on Section 3, part C of this document, suggesting that the Personnel Committee might be a more appropriate venue for reviewing personnel policies.


Chandler presented five personnel policies for Board approval: the Family and Medical Leave of Absence, COBRA and HIPAA, Employee Assistance Program, Moving Expense, and the Hearing Conservation Program.  All the policies are identical to the City of Appleton’s policies. Dunlap moved to approve the five policies and Chandler seconded.  The motion passed.


Nagler moved to defer discussion of the General Personnel Policy to the July Board Meeting.  Dunlap seconded and the motion passed.


Building & Equipment Committee Report.

Muench distributed an informational list of suggested building repairs for 2003-2008 and proposed expenses for 2003.  This was an informational document only. Kelly noted that these are proposed expenses for the next five years for building upkeep.  2003 needs will be included in the budget request.


Assistant Director’s  Report

The Library has recently received a directive from the Mayor and the City Finance with a budget time schedule and asking for a status quo budget.


Kelly distributed a copy of a letter that had been received from the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation inviting the Appleton Public Library to apply for a grant to set up a computer lab within the library.  The deadline for application is June 21st.  Bergman moved to apply for the Grant and Ducklow seconded.  Kathy Schuessler, President of the Board, will sign the application.  The motion passed.


Kelly noted that the Foundation has designated $90,000 in grants for library purposes for the year 2002-03.  The funds are allocated as follows:

Materials                                  $17,000

Technology & Equipment          $25,000

Programs                                  $28,000

Promotion & Marketing            $10,000

Special Projects                        $10,000


Bergman moved to accept the grant money and Nagler seconded.  The motion passed.


Other Business

The date set for the Library Board retreat is May 30, 2003.


The meeting adjourned at 1:20 PM