Appleton Public Library

Board of Trustees Minutes

September 11, 2002


Present:                Bergen, Bergman, Bloedow, de Young, Chandler, Nagler, Schuessler

Excused:               Ducklow Dunlap,

Others present:    Dawson, Kelly, Lemke, Muench, Wiltzius



Minutes and Bill Registers

President Schuessler called the meeting to order at 12:03 PM.  deYoung moved and Bergen seconded approval of the minutes of the July 11, 2002 meeting.  The motion passed.

Bergman moved to approve the July and August bill registers and Chandler seconded.  The

Motion passed.


Election of Officers

Nominating Committee chair de Young reported that the committee had met and placed the following names in nomination as officers for 2002-2003:


                        Terry Bergman Chair

                        Kathy Schuessler          Vice-Chair

                        Karen de Young           Secretary


Bergen seconded the nominations.  Schuessler asked if there were any other nominations from the floor.  There being none, she called for a vote and the slate of officers was elected unanimously.


Dawson will meet with Bergman to establish the committee appointments for 2002-2003 and report back to the Board at the October meeting.


Exhibits Policy

The friends of the Library have asked if they would receive a commission on the sale of items when exhibited in the library.  Dawson requested that the Board make the following changes to the Exhibits Policy.

Section 4a             [Sentence added] The Library Director shall determine whether exhibits qualify under this policy


                Section 4b             [Paragraph added] The Library Director is authorized to make exceptions for

Sale of the art display items where a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Library, the Friends of the Library or the Appleton Library Foundation, or for sale of items displayed by program performers


Nagler made the motion to accept the changes to the Exhibits Policy, Bloedow seconded and the motion passed.



Calumet County Contract

Dawson presented a contract between APL and OWLS addressing compensation for providing library services to the residents of Calumet County.  The contract, similar to those adopted by public libraries in Kimberly and Kaukauna provides that OWLS will apportion funds from Calumet County among the three libraries.  De Young moved to accept the contract, Nagler seconded and the motion passed.


Director’s Report

The Readers Cup traveling trophy was awarded to St. Pius School for the second year in a row, for the highest percentage of students participating in the summer library program.  Richmond School placed second.


The library has received checks totaling $52,015 from the Gates Foundation to set up a computer lab by January 2003.  Computers will be ordered in December and four APL & OWLS staff will travel to Seattle for training in December.  Dawson expressed confidence that the lab could be operational by January 2003.  de Young made the motion to accept the checks, Bloedow seconded and the motion passed.


The library will participate in ArtWalk, sponsored by the Appleton Arts Center and Appleton Downtown.  Local artists and poets will be featured, there will be a workshop in origami, jazz musicians, and weaving demos.  FOAL will sell refreshments.  The date is October 12th.


In August the library circulated 93,000 pieces of material, making this the busiest three month period ever for circulation of materials.  It is expected that circulation will exceed 1,000,000 this year and staff is discussing how to celebrate the event. 


Te Mayor has as yet given no indication as to what is happening with the 2003 budget.  The County Executive’s budget for reimbursements to libraries will be at 80%, a $55,000 increase, of which $42,000 would come to Appleton, if approved by the County Board.


Schmaltz Landscaping, in conjunction with the City Park & Recreation Department, has completed landscaping in the front of the library.


Other Business

Bloedow made the motion to adjourn, Bergman seconded and the motion passed.