Appleton Public Library

Board of Trustees Minutes

January 8, 2003


Present:                Bergman, Bloedow, Chandler, de Young, Nagler, Schuessler

Excused:               Bergen, Ducklow, Dunlap

Others present:    Dawson, Kelly, Lemke, Lenz, Muench, Nitz, Shriver, Wiltzius



Minutes and Bill Registers

President Bergman called the meeting to order at 12:05.  Chandler moved and Schuessler seconded approval of the December 11, 2002 minutes.  The motion passed with Nagler voting “present.”  Nagler moved approval of the December, 2002 bill register, de Young seconded.  Nagler questioned the Personnel balance; Dawson noted that final amounts would include the wage adjustment.  The motion passed.



Director’s Report

Dawson reported that construction of the computer lab is 90 % complete: computer furniture should be here by the end of January; the computers are being installed; the Reference and Children’s Staff are being trained on the computer’s software; and the staff has begun discussions on procedures and rules to followed in the operation of the Lab.  The Lab can be booked for training (and at that time would be closed to the public), but at all other times it will be open to the public.  Staff hopes to have the lab will fully functional about the end of January, 2003 and open for general use as soon as possible thereafter.


Dawson distributed copies of the materials budget for 2003 and asked Michael Nitz, Technical Services Supervisor, to explain how money is allocated into the various categories.  Nitz explained that 22% of the budget is used to purchase children’s materials; there has been a $12,500 increase in popular materials.  Funds available for additional materials due to contractual obligations from OWLS under the Resource Library Contract and Calumet County Contract are expended by OWLS for specific materials and audited with other OWLS expenditures.  Standing orders (reference annuals, monographic serials, magazines, newspapers, etc.) present difficulties as their increase in cost significantly exceeds inflation.


Dawson distributed a draft copy of a proposed smoking policy to the Board.  Schuessler questioned the wording of the policy “second-hand smoke poses a health risk”.  de Young asked why staff would be able to smoke outside the library and the public could not.  Her concern was that staff would be most affected because they would be expected to enforce the policy.  Dawson stated that he expected the first month would be difficult, but with consistent monitoring, the problems should disappear.  Chandler made the motion to approve the policy, Bloedow seconded.  Schuessler asked that the policy be brought back to the Board 3 months after its implementation.  The motion was approved with de Young voting opposed.



Dawson asked the Board to ratify 2003 wage adjustments as approved by City Council, including:

1.      Approval for a 3% across the board adjustment for 2003 Library employees.

2.      Approval of performance adjustments in accordance with the pay plan and supervisor recommendations

3.      Approval for salary adjustments for benefited employees who participate in the health insurance plan in exchange for health insurance changes of:

a.       .5% adjustment to base on 2003 rate

b.      a $264 lump sum payment

de Young moved approval, Nagler seconded and the motion passed


Dawson discussed Library Legislative Day to be held in Madison on February 4, 2003.  He distributed a summary sheet and reviewed the Wisconsin Library Association’s legislative goals, acknowledging that in the tight fiscal climate there is no strong expectation of additional state funds.


Dawson asked the Board for input for his 2003 goals.  He plans to meet with the Mayor for his comments and will prepare goals for the Board. 



Other Business

Bloedow made the motion to adjourn, de Young seconded.  Dawson and Kelly invited the Board members to the computer lab for a demonstration.