Appleton Public Library

Board of Trustees Minutes

February 12, 2003


Present:                Bergen, Bloedow, Chandler, de Young, Ducklow,

Excused:               Bergman, Dunlap, Nagler, Schuessler

Others present:    Dawson, Kelly, Lemke, Muench, Shriver, Wiltzius,

Asst. City Attorney Christopher Behrens



Minutes and Bill Registers

Secretary de Young called the meeting to order at 12:10.  Bloedow moved and Ducklow seconded approval of the January 8, 2003 minutes.  The motion passed with Bergen voting “present.”  Bergen moved approval of the December 2002, and the January 2003 bill registers, Ducklow seconded and the motion passed.


Dawson reported that the Library has asked for a 100% carryover of funds encumbered but not expended during 2002, per City guidelines for carryovers.  The total amount requested is $14,291 including the balance of funds transferred to the City when the checkbook was eliminated.



Frank P. Young Scholarship Committee Report

Bloedow reported that the Frank P. Young Scholarship Committee met and due to the lack of candidates with local ties, the motion was made that scholarships would not be given this year and the monies would be left to accrue. de Young seconded and the motion passed.



Director’s Report

Dawson reported that the Computer Lab is complete and will be opened to the public on February 17, 2003.  The Lab will be called the Appleton Public Library Computer Lab with acknowledgement to the Appleton Library and Gates Foundations.  Further publicity and a grand opening will be announced in the near future.


The Library Smoking Policy is on hold until the Transit Center’s smoking policy has been approved by the City Council.  The Board further discussed the implications of the policy. 


Recently an editorial appeared in the Post Crescent supporting libraries charging for services.  Dawson shared copies of a response he had written as a “letter to the editor”, that was endorsed by all the local public library directors.  Board members commended Dawson for his reply.


Questionpoint online reference is a new service being offered by 19 Libraries in Wisconsin that will enable a patron to click on “ask a librarian” and staff will be able to chat, send information and web links to the patron asking the question.  APL staff will be cover the service from 4-5 p.m. on weekdays.  This is a pilot project; more publicity will be done as staff becomes more familiar with the software.



Other Business

The Board members were invited to tour and watch a demonstration in the new computer lab. 


Bloedow moved adjournment at 12:40, Chandler seconded, and the meeting adjourned.