Appleton Public Library

Board of Trustees Minutes

September 10, 2003

Present:                Bergman, Bloedow, Chandler; de Young; Eng,

Excused:              Bergen, Ducklow, Dunlap, Schuessler

Others present:   Attorney Behrens, Dawson, Debbie Froemming, Kelly, Lemke, Lenz, Muench, Sandy Neisen, Shriver




President Bergman called the meeting to order at 12:06 PM.  Dawson read a letter from patron, Pat Clifford, expressing his concerns over a video being shown on a TV in the Library and asking that the Library display religious symbols.  There was general agreement that no Board action was needed and that Dawson should continue to communicate with Mr. Clifford. 


The Wisconsin Library Association sent a letter of congratulations to the Appleton Public Library for being chosen the 2003 Library of the Year.


Dawson received an invitation for the Library Board to attend a Retirement Party for Board Member Will Bloedow on September 28th.



Minutes and Bill Registers

Chandler moved and Eng seconded approval of the minutes of the July 9, 2003 meeting. The motion passed.  Bloedow moved approval of the July and August, 2003, bill registers, Chandler seconded.  After some discussion of expenditures to date, the motion passed. 



Nominating Committee Report & Election of Officers for 2003-2004

In Ducklow’s absence, de Young reported that the Nomination Committee contacted all existing officers of the Board to ask if they would agree to remain in their present office for the 2003-04 year.  All agreed:  Terry Bergman, President; Kathy Schuessler, Vice President; and Karen de Young, Secretary.  Bloedow moved to approve the slate of officers, Chandler seconded and the Board approved unanimously.



Personnel Committee

On August 28, 2003, the Personnel Committee met with the Library Director, Human Resources Director, Assistant City Attorney Behrens and several library staff to review city policies.  At that point, the Committee recommended that the Library Board approve the City’s Personnel policies with two exceptions: Electronic Communications Policy and the Business Dress Code, which needed further refinement.  Dawson stated that he and Director Neisen had made some modifications, with the help of Information Services Director and the Mayor, and that they were in agreement in recommending the policies.  Eng moved to accept the personnel policies as modified, Bloedow seconded and the motion passed.







Director’s Report

Dawson announced that the APL Library of the Year Award will be made at a dinner during the WLA Convention, October 29th at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, Milwaukee.  The Library Board is invited to attend.  Other local celebrations are in planning stages.  A banner has been ordered announcing the Award, buttons will be made and a news release announcing the award will go to all media.


The Mayor’s budget will be published on October 1.  Dawson explained some of the expected budget cuts over the budget request as approved by the Board: the materials budget would have no increase over 2003, fewer computers would be replaced, there would be a possibility that sub budget and the number of hours the library is open could be reduced.  On the positive side, the County Executive’s 2004 draft budget includes increased appropriations for OWLS libraries, though at a lower reimbursement rate than 2003, which could result in a small increase for APL.




The meeting adjourned at 12:55 PM.