Appleton Public Library

Board of Trustees Minutes

July 14, 2004

Present:                Bergman, Bloedow, Chandler, Ducklow, Dunlap, Eng, Moua

Excused:              Bergen, de Young

Others present:        Kelly, Lenz, Muench, Shriver, Ward, Wiltzius

President Bergman called the meeting to order at 12:01 p.m. 

Public Participation and Communications

Kelly read a letter she and Dawson received from Poet Laureate Ellen Kort thanking the Library and FOAL for the Life Tribute shadow box honoring her accomplishments.  The shadow box hangs on the north wall in the media area of the Library. 

Minutes and Bill Registers

Chandler moved and Bloedow seconded approval of the June 9, 2004 minutes.  Motion passed unanimously.  Ducklow moved and Eng seconded approval of the June 2004 Bill Register.    Motion passed unanimously.  It was mentioned the Library is “on track” with the budget for this time of year.   Also clarified was the figure in the Revenue and Deposits column.  Kelly explained the figure reflects two of the four annual payments received from OWLS for rent etc.

Policy Committee Report

The Policy Committee members met prior to the Library Board meeting and reviewed drafts of six revised policies.  Three documents were Library/City policies and three documents were Library policies.   Eng commented that the goal was to have the Library/City policies become more in sync with City policies wherever possible.  The Board decided to discuss each policy and the proposed revisions separately rather than approve the policies and their revisions as a whole.

Salary Administration Policy

No comment or discussion.  Bergman moved to approve the Salary Administration Policy, seconded by Bloedow.  Motion passed unanimously.

Fringe Benefit Policy

Kelly pointed out the biggest revision to this policy is the change in the eligibility schedule for vacation time earned for Library staff to the City’s schedule.  The change that would occur is as follows:  Library staff hired between January 1 and June 30, will be eligible for 5 days and 4 floating holidays.  Library staff hired after July 1 of the year will be eligible for 4 floating holidays, and 1 week of vacation after January 1 of the following year.  The present fringe benefit policy pro-rates vacation earned for Library staff based on the employee’s hire date.  Kelly also explained that the cost to the Library for this policy change was minimal.  Eng moved to approve the Fringe Benefit Policy, seconded by Chandler.  Motion passed unanimously.

Flag Lowering Policy

Kelly informed the Board of the revision to the Flag Lowering Policy to include the phrase “with the exception of the Library Board for the Library only” in section V, paragraph 6.  Eng moved to approve the Flag Lowering policy, seconded by Dunlap.   Motion passed unanimously.

Library Exhibits Policy

Kelly pointed out the major change to this policy is Library staff will require any exhibitor(s) to sign the Library’s liability waiver form.  This would protect the Library from any liabilities involving the exhibits, i.e. a picture on display falling on a patron’s head and injuring them.  Eng moved to approve the Library Exhibits Policy, seconded by Bloedow.  Motion passed unanimously.

Library Privacy Policy

Kelly explained the Federal Patriot Act directly affected the Library Privacy Policy.  The policy would allow parents/legal guardians to have access to library records for their children age 16 and under upon request.  The policy also states the Library would be required to provide records under an open records request but would have the obligation to block out patron information.  Eng moved to approve the Library Privacy Policy, seconded by Ducklow.  Motion passed unanimously.

Library Circulation Policy

Kelly indicated the revision to the Circulation Policy was again directly related to providing the library records of children under 16 to parents/legal guardians.  Eng moved to approve the Circulation Policy, seconded by Chandler.  Motion passed unanimously.

Assistant Director’s Report

The Board discussed the upcoming Library Board & Common Council “get acquainted” social on Tuesday, July 20, 2004 from 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. at the Library.  All Board members present R.S.V.P.’d with an enthusiastic yes!  The Board also agreed to contact their alderpersons and encourage their attendance as well.  June 2004 statistics were discussed.  There is evident growth in numbers in adult, children’s services and door counts.

The Library Board members were provided with copies of the APL Mid-Year Report.  This is a report the Library provides to the Finance Department highlighting significant 2004 events, performance data, and areas of primary concentration to date.

The Frank P. Young scholarship has been added as a feature to the APL website.  The link includes criteria, application and history information.  Everyone thought this was a great addition to the web site.

Other business

The Library Board decided not to hold a full Board meeting in August 2004.  The Nominating Committee and the Personnel Committee will meet prior to the September 2004 full Board meeting.

Closed Session

Bloedow moved to meet in closed session pursuant to Wisconsin statute 19.85(1) to discuss personnel matters, seconded by Dunlap.  Motion passed unanimously.

The Board reconvened into open session at 1:03 PM.  Eng moved to grant a leave of absence for up to three months, beginning August 1, 2004, for a library employee, contingent upon a request from said employee, seconded by Moua.  Motion passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 1:05 PM.