Appleton Public Library
Board of Trustees Minutes
September 8, 2004

Present:                 Bergman, Bloedow, Chandler, de Young, Ducklow, Eng

Excused:               Bergen, Dunlap, Moua

Others present:   Attorney Behrens, Dawson, Kelly, Shriver, Ward, Wiltzius

President Bergman called the meeting to order at 12:07 p.m. 

Minutes and Bill Registers

Bloedow moved and Eng seconded approval of the July 14, 2004 minutes.  Motion passed unanimously.  de Young moved and Eng seconded approval of the July 2004 and August 2004 Bill Registers; the motion passed unanimously.  There was discussion of the status of several accounts.

Nominating Committee Report & Election of Officers

de Young reported that the Nominating Committee proposed the following Library Board officer nominations:

                        Will Bloedow – Library Board President

                        Karen de Young – Library Board Vice President

                        Dr. William Chandler – Library Board Secretary

Bergman asked for any other nominations; there were none.  Eng moved to close nominations and to accept the slate as proposed, seconded by Chandler; the motion passed unanimously.  Congratulations and applause was extended to the retiring and newly appointed Board officers.

Personnel Committee Report

de Young stated this was the first mid–year evaluation for the Library Director and the Committee found the procedure very beneficial.  The Committee reported they are extremely pleased with Dawson’s leadership and innovative direction of the Library and staff.  Bergman added thanks on behalf of the Library Board for the dedication of Dawson and the entire Library staff.  Dawson thanked the Board for their continued support in Library operations. 

Director’s Report

Dawson informed the Board that City department directors, under the direction of Mayor Hanna and Finance Director Maertz, were working together to trim the City’s 2005 budget in order to ensure compliance with State of Wisconsin expenditure restraint requirements.  Dawson proposed $12,000 in cuts from the Library’s 2005 requested training and printing accounts.  After discussion, Ducklow moved to approve the recommended budget reductions, seconded by Bloedow; the motion passed.

Dawson reported on a positive meeting with Finance Director Maertz to discuss the modification of the Finance Policies.  He asked for a Policy Committee meeting to review recommendations and report back to the Board.  

Dawson updated the Board on the status of the proposed joint library with the town of Greenville.  Included in the September’s board mailing was an article about the project.  At this point, the Greenville Ad Hoc Library Committee is recommending a joint library with Appleton.  Dawson has had meetings with the architects of the project and Library Foundation Board members. The people of Greenville will vote on October 5, 2004 whether to continue to pursue the project.

The Library Board/Common Council social event on July 20 was declared a success.  Everyone was pleased with the turnout and agreed it was a wonderful opportunity for good discussions, fellowship and fun.

The statistics for July and August 2004 were discussed and it was noted circulation numbers were down a little in July, but significantly up in August.  Holds shows a 48% increase due to interlibrary loan increases.

Other business

Dawson informed the Board that due to job changes, Sue Moua would be unable to attend noon meetings and would have to resign from the Board.  Board members present agreed on a new meeting time of the second Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. effective for the next meeting on October 14, 2004.

A group of Board members will schedule a meeting with Mayor Hanna to address concerns regarding the Library hours for 2005.

The meeting adjourned at 1:07 p.m.