The Age of Miracles

The Age of Miracles

A co-worker gave this to me to read because she thought it was my kind of book. I had never heard of it, but boy am I glad she thought of me, this book is amazing! Julia, an 11 year old girl in California, is the narrator of the story and the tale she has to tell is riveting. The days on earth are inexplicably getting longer, what they refer to in the book as "the slowing". There is no explanation for why this is happening, but it is soon apparent that this is not an illusion and it also is not temporary. Each day is longer, as are the nights. Birds start falling from the sky, whales are beaching themselves on the shorelines, crops are being affected; but also neighbors are turning against each other and familial relationships are strained. Many of the events taking place in the book are things that may have happened anyway, but the fact that they are happening with "the slowing" hanging over everything makes you pause to think about it a bit more. An absolutely fascinating & satisfying read!! I loved it!

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