Amy and Isabelle


This book was sitting on my shelf at home for quite a while after I picked it up at a book sale somewhere. I quite literally had to dust it off in order to read it! I am sorry I didn't pick it up sooner because I really enjoyed it. Amy and Isabelle are a teen daughter and her single mother living in a small town in rural Maine in the 1960s. As typical mother-daughter relationships go at this age, the two cannot relate to one another at all. Amy, of course, thinks her mother just doesn't understand her at all, while Isabelle feels that Amy is constantly judging her.

When Amy is seduced by a new teacher at her school, the aftermath is life changing for both of them. Though the scenes with Amy and Mr.Robertson are difficult to read (as a mother, I wanted to beat the hell out of him!), this coming-of-age tale is beautifully written and really makes you love the characters. I think it would make a great discussion book for book clubs - lots to talk about here!

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