The Big Wet Balloon

The Big Wet Balloon


In this Level 2 Toon Into Reading book, it is Saturday, and Matilda is determined to show Clemmie, her baby sister, how to spend the day.  There's so much they could do!  But rain is in the forecast, and Clemmie isn't sure about getting wet.  They end up finding lots of fun things to do in the rain, like catching raindrops in their mouths, looking for worms, and just smelling the rain.  When a rainbow comes out, Matilda wants to give it a gift, and decides to give away Clemmie's beloved balloon.  Of course the story finds a way to have a happy ending.  This toon book is great for students who are just learning to read and who love comics.

Liniers is an Argentinean author who has been publishing a comic strip in Argentina for many years.  He has two daughters Matilda and Clementina, and a picture by Matilda is at the back of the book.   This book, created with ink, watercolor, and raindrops, is his first published in the United States.  I'm hoping many more books from Liniers are forthcoming in this country. 

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