Bird in a Box


Life wasn't easy for anyone during the Great Depression, but it could be even harder if you were African American. In this work of historical fiction, Hibernia a preacher's daughter, dreams of becoming a singer.  Willie is recovering from a burn that will keep him from fulfilling his dream of becoming a boxer. Otis, an orphan, is struggling to find happiness but finds comfort in his family's radio and the sense of humor that was passed down to him from his father. On June 22, 1937, all of them, including the rest of the nation, are fixed to the radio listening to a boxing match between Joe Louis and James Braddock. It was a matter of African American pride. This book has been widely reviewed and is selected as a 2012-2013 Read On Wisconsin book. Take a peek at this book trailer put together by Whitehorse Middle School, Madison. Recommended for students in grades 4-8.

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