The Blade of Shattered Hope

The 13th Reality
cover for the Blade of Shattered Hope

Book Three of the 13th Reality Series

This third installment finds our two main forces of good vs. evil in combat again.  Tick and the Realitants are in combat against the evil Mistress Jane and her “Blade of Shattered Hope”.  Back from the destruction of Chu’s factory and Mistress Jane’s accident, Tick has been recuperating.  He now has some time to learn how to use and control his unusual amount of Chi-karda within him.  But soon his life changes when he and his best friends, Paul, Sofia, and Master George are summoned to a meeting in Tick’s basement by Mistress Jane.

Mistress Jane is up to her evil ways. She has unlocked one of the universe’s deadliest powers: Dark Matter.  With this power she plans on destroying all the realitants, 1-12, one by one, until the Thirteen becomes the new Reality Prime, her ultimate idea of Utopia. And she insists that Tick and his friends witness it.  Thus Tick begins another journey back to the 13th reality to stop her plans.  If he cannot stop her and shut down the “Blade of Shattered Hope’ no one knows what will happen to reality as they know it.   Will all of the realities still exist in the end?  It will be up to Tick and his friends to come to the rescue before something drastic happens to not only the 5th reality, but the entire universe as they know it.

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat.  There is no lack of mystery or adventure among these 4 teenagers who are charged with saving the 13 realities.  The book ends with a cliff hanger.

I would recommend this story and series to boys and girls ages 9 through 12 or grades 6 -9 who like Science Fiction.

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