My Summers With Buster (2013)


Vaudeville performers descend upon Bluffton, Michigan during the summer of 1908, right next to Henry's town of Muskegon.  Henry is fascinated by the people and the animals (elephant, zebra) that come.  But he is especially fascinated by a boy just his age--Buster Keaton.  We learn about Buster's role in the family's comedic act, and how their act is even accused of child abuse.  (Buster gets thrown around a lot).  What a fascinating look at the turn of the century vaudeville community.  An author's note explains how Buster Keaton was a real person, and tells a little about his adult life as well.  This graphic novel received starred reviews from Horn Book, Kirkus, School Library Journal, Booklist, and Publisher's Weekly.  This book is a treat that I recommend for grades 3 and up.

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