Books on Fermenting

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Books on Fermentation


Over the last couple years there are several books on fermentation that I have quite enjoyed.

Wild Fermentation, by Sandor Katz

The Art of Fermentation: an in-depth exploration of essential concepts and processes from around the world, by Sandor Katz

True brews : how to craft fermented cider, beer, wine, sake, soda, mead, kefir, and kombucha at home, by Emma Christensen

Fermented Foods for Health, by Deirdre Rawlings

Real Food Fermentation : preserving whole fresh food with live cultures in your home kitchen, by Alex Lewin


Sandor Katz’s titles are extremely thorough; he is a well-known expert in the field, so it is good to know about him if you want to really delve into the subject.  If you want a quicker, prettier introduction to fermentation, I recommend either of the last two titles as they have a lot of good information and beautiful photos.


bottled and brewing kombuchaUsing Lewin’s text as a jumping-off point, I have been brewing Kombucha for a year.  A member of my household can’t bear to look at the jar, much less taste it; however, this individual kindly assists me with sterilizing my jars and equipment for new batches if I ask.  I first tried Kombucha on a whim, wondering what it was when I saw it on the grocery shelf.  After Googling it at home, I quickly decided to learn to make it since it’s quite pricey to purchase.    


I have also made and liked Rawling’s Ginger-Carrot Kraut, and at some point would like to try my hand at Kimchi as there are few things so good as real, fermented Kimchi!  Even if you aren’t up for trying your hand at fermenting, if you like learning new things and reading new recipes, these are some great titles on a topic that is growing in popularity.


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