The Boy and the Airplane

The Boy and the Airplane


In this sparsely illustrated wordless book The Boy and the Airplane, a young boy is playing with his red airplane.  Until it gets stuck on the roof of a building.  Oh no!  He tries a few times to get it down using a ladder, a lasso, a baseball, a pogo stick, and a hose.  While contemplating underneath a tree a tiny helicopter maple seed falls into his hand.  He takes a shovel and plants the seed next to the building.  He waits as he grows taller and older until the tree is strong enough to climb.  The boy is now an older man with a long white beard who still finds joy in playing with his plane, but finds joy in doing something more.  I enjoyed the pencil and watercolor illustrations. 

My only question took place at the beginning.  Why didn't the boy find a taller ladder in the first place?

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