This is a read I would highly recommend to both boys & girls. Tennyson & Bronte are teenage twins whose parents happen to be literature professors. Tennyson is not pleased that his sister has recently started dating Brewster (aka Bruiser), the boy voted "most likely to get the death penalty." Bruiser lives with his mean, alcoholic uncle and his 8 year old brother, Cody. The family is perceived as "no good" and pretty much keeps to themselves.

Tennyson decides he is going to deliver a warning to stay away from Bronte when he sees Brewster in the locker room at school. However, as he is about to approach him, he catches sight of Brewster with his shirt off and there are horrendous bruises all over him. Thinking that Brewster's uncle is abusing him, Tennyson questions Brewster and is told "things aren't always what they seem".

Strange things start to occur around Brewster. Bronte twists her ankle while hiking with Brewster and he massages it, making the pain disappear. However, for the next several days, Brewster himself is walking with a limp. As Tennyson & Bronte become more involved in Brewster's life, it becomes clear that everyone feels much better around Brewster, but at what cost to him?

This book is intriguing, well-written and will keep you guessing to the end.

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