The Burning Bridge

The Burning Bridge bookcover

Book 2 of the Ranger’s Apprentice series

This sequel is packed with exciting adventures. Will, his friend Horace, and the Ranger Gilan, travel to Celtica, a neighboring country to Arluen, to ask for their help in the battle against the rebel warlord Morgarath. When they arrive in Celtica they find all the people gone. They encounter a girl, Evanlyn, hiding from the Wargals. She describes how the Celts were either killed or enslaved by these creatures. Gilan rides to tell the king of the news and Will, Horace, and Evanlyn are left to find out what the Wargals want with the Celts. While following the Wargals they discover that a large bridge is being built across the Fissure for Morgarath’s warriors to cross. Thus the King’s army will be trapped. The three heroes must find some way to stop Morgarath’s plan and warn the king. During the battle that takes place, Will and Evanlyn are captured by a group of Skandians, ruled by Jarl Erak, who were helping Morgarath.

There are some surprising twists to the story and the capture of Will and Evanlyn, and the escape of the Skandians lead into the third book of the series, The Icebound Land.

Again fantasy readers will enjoy reading the continuation of the saga of the Ranger’s Apprentice and will become hooked on reading the rest of the books in the series.

The reading level for this book and the series is grades 4 through 8.

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