Charlie Bumpers vs. the Teacher of the Year

Charlie Bumpers vs. the Teacher of the Year

Charlie Bumpers is sure he’s doomed!  It’s bad enough he’s the middle kid between a smart-aleck brother and a (sometimes) pesky little sister. But he’s starting his 4th grade year with all-white back-to-school shoes, he and his best friend Tommy are in separate classes for the first time ever, and—worst of all—he’s stuck with Teacher of the Year Mrs. Burke, the strictest in the whole school!  She’s the same teacher that Charlie accidentally beaned with a shoe the year before—and she hasn’t forgotten!  In fact, she’s got her eye on him: “I know all about you, Charlie Bumpers.”  In spite of his good intentions and efforts to behave: avoiding bully trouble, making friends with the new classmate, helping younger kids on the playground, fixing an art project, Charlie can’t seem to help getting into trouble.  Will he ever be able to get back on good footing (shoes on) with Mrs. Burke?  Or will he end up staying in at recess for the rest of his life?

Told in the first person, and very much from a kid point of view, the story reveals Charlie to be funny, thoughtful, and likeable, if not always sensible. Young readers will relate to his worries and predicaments, and root for him and his friends.  The book includes a preview for the next Charlie Bumpers adventure.  Author and Grammy Award-winning musician Harley has created a backstory about Charlie, as well as a cool music video featuring the book’s great ink and watercolor illustrations by Adam Gustavson.   You can find it at

 This book is recommended for ages 7-10.

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