Code name Verity

code name Verity

A mesmerizing historical novel, well-researched and carefully written, this is one of those books where you want to sit down and read it straight through, not stopping for anything.

A young woman has been captured by the Gestapo after she lands in Occupied France.  She’s been tortured and starved in an attempt to gain knowledge of British defenses.  Her captor Hauptsturmführer von Linden makes a deal—she will be given paper and two weeks for her to write down everything she knows about the British war effort and he will let her live, at least for a while.  She begins writing…

The slow unfolding of the story gives you a feeling of what it would have been like—tremendous sacrifices, sadness and despair but also humor and love.  There is great characterization and strong female characters who make things happen. 

Those of you who read and liked Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games should read this book; though it is set in the past rather than a possible future, it has the same gritty desperation and determination to keep going no matter what the odds.  It is a book I definitely recommend.

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