Cold Case

Cold Case book cover

The story is a typical who-done-it mystery. The story begins with 13 year-old, Oz Keiller opening the refrigerator door at his family's restaurant and discovering the body of Aaron Sneider, a journalist. He discovers that Sneider was a reporter who had accused his deceased father of being a spy and a traitor. His father was accused of stealing nuclear secrets from the company he had worked for. If this isn’t bad enough his older brother is arrested for the murder and Oz jumps into action to save him. With the help of his friend, Rusty, they try to solve the mystery and clear his father’s name. During the investigation of the murder, Oz and Rusty, find that maybe his father was being framed for a much larger conspiracy. In solving the mystery their search leads them closer to the real killer and also closer to real danger. There are some unexpected twists to the plot.

Readers will enjoy the action and fast paced story line. It is a likeable mystery that keeps readers motivated to finding out the solution along with the characters.

I would recommend the story for both boys and girls in grades 4th through 7th who enjoy mysteries that are not too complicated.

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