book cover for Darkfall

Book III of The Healing Wars Trilogy

Darkfall is the final book in the Healing Wars Trilogy. When the story opens we find that Tali has been missing for several months, Nya, Danello, Aylin, and the underground resistance are hiding out from the Duke at Jeatar’s farm.  All Nya wants is to find her sister and return home.  But she is sucked into the war which the Duke is waging in order to reclaim the throne as his own.  Thus Nya and her friends leave to warn Gevg that the Duke is coming with his army of Undying soldiers, trained to inflict pain.  Along the way, they manage to find Tali, brain-washed by the Duke, as well as Vyand, the bounty hunter.  But with the Duke fast approaching, will Nya and her friends be able to help?  Can Nya live up to the expectations of the people as a hero and leader as well as helping her sister, and find a way to protect Geve?   

Full of fast-paced action, intense drama and many twists and turns in the plot, and epic battle scenes this story finds Nya as the unintentional hero behind the war against the Duke.  With her friends by her side she once more steps into the heart of danger and does her best to fight back.  The story is about war and what happens in a war.  Not everyone is going to survive, some may be hurt, some may even die, and sometimes you have to do terrible things to survive and defeat the enemy.  Nya is constantly making choices about how she should and should not use her unique powers.  She learns all of these lessons and finally becomes the confident and mature person that is the guiding force for the people to follow. 

The plot and the main charaters are very similar to the Mockingjay, the third book of the Hunger Games trilogy, except it is not as violent.  Nya, like Katniss, has become the symbol of hope for her people and must become a leader.  Despite everything there is hope at the end of the book.  Things end on a positive note.  Nya earns her place in the world as the hero of the rebellion.   

This is definitely a series I would recommend.  I would recommend this series to grades 5th through 9th grade. 

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