Divide and Conquer

book cover for Divide and Conquer

Infinity Ring; Book 2

In this second book of time travelers, we find our Hystorians, Dak. Sera, and Riq traveling to 885 A.D. to fix the break in history.  They land in Paris during the 9th century where thousands of Viking warriors are trying to capture the city. Their old enemies the SQ are also there and they are helping the Vikings.  The time travelers need to find the Hystorian and fix the break before it’s too late.

Dak is captured by the Vikings and is forced to work with them to capture the city.  Sera and Riq must help protect and defend the city.  Now Sera and Riq must try to free Dak and help keep the Vikings from succeeding.  While accomplishing this they find out that the true enemy might not be who they thought.  They must find the break, solve the codes, ciphers and clues in order to correct it.

Another underlying theme in the story is the search to find Dak’s parents who were lost during the first time travel.  Dak sees his parents at a gathering of townspeople and they are able to give him a key before they disappear.  Will this have something to do with their next time travel? 

In addition to our main characters new characters are introduced: Bill the Hystorian; Rollo a Viking friend of Dak; Vigi Rollo’s large dog; Siegfried the leader of the Vikings; and Gorm the SQ time warden.  Our three heroes develop more and learn more about each other and stronger bonds are formed.  There is a hint of a little romance, but changes because of the passing of time.

The Infinity Ring series is just what kids need to get them excited about history or what could have been history.  Divide and Conquer is a perfect blend of historical settings and fast-paced action.  This is a great read for fans of Percy Jackson or A Series of Unfortunate Events. It is definitely a book that makes the slogan “Fix the Past. Save the Future” true!

I would recommend this book for middle-school aged students and up.  For grades 4 through 6.

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