Doll Bones


Twelve-years-old Zach tells his lifelong friends Poppy and Alice that he is giving up playing fantasy games with their dolls and action figures, telling them that “you can’t play pretend forever”.   Poppy and Alice don’t know that Zach’s father has thrown his action figures out and told him that “it’s time you grew up”.   However, Poppy tells Zach and Alice that their game can’t be over because she has been haunted by the ghost of a girl who claims that the Great Queen, a bone-china doll locked in her mother’s cabinet, contains the ghost girl’s ashes and the ghost won’t rest until her ashes have been properly buried.  This creepy ghost tale takes them on an adventure that is ultimately about the power of friendship and the price of growing up.  This one will keep you glued to your seat.  Recommended for grades 5-8.

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