This charming picture book first published in Austria in 2002 and first translated into English in 2005 has been published in the US by NorthSouth Books.  Jenny and Jack are two donkeys who have been married for 25 years.  Jenny wants to help Jack remember their anniversary so she folds the corner of his ear down the night before.  Unfortunately, this blocks the ear, and he is deaf in the other ear, so he doesn't hear the rooster and sleeps throughout the day.  Jenny is livid, and decides that she is leaving the relationship.  The two donkeys have physical markings on their bodies from being together for so long--Jenny has a hollow on her neck, and Jack had a bump in the same place.  They fit together perfectly, but Jack and Jenny both believe they can find someone better.  They meet several different animals, from goats, to zebras, to flamingos, but none have the same fit.  Jack and Jenny end up together again on the advice of a camel.  This sweet love story is unique and for both young and old.

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