Double Vision

Bookcover for Double Vision

This story is about a boy named Linc, who becomes a spy because his look-alike was a missing agent from a top secret operation team named “Pandora”.  Lincoln Baker, a 12-year-old, is one of those kids who means well but is constantly in trouble.  On a field trip to a chicken farm, Linc feels bad for the chickens all cooped up so he decides to let them loose.  Now the school wants to expel him, the farmer wants to sue his family for damages, and his best friend puts his picture with bird poop on his head on YouTube.  This is how he is noticed by the Pandora team.

Agents Stark and Fullerton arrive at Linc’s home and persuade him to help them.  In return they will clean up the mess with the chicken farmer and his school.  They have this missing agent, Benjamin Green, who must meet someone in Paris to retrieve a package and they want Linc to take over for this agent.

Linc is trained and sent to Paris where the one assignment turns into a race around Paris, a search for a stolen evil Mona Lisa painting, dealing with a French family, dodging bad guys, and solving puzzles and ciphers.  Linc has no idea what is in store for him and how dangerous things can really become.

The story is filled with action and suspense, and realistic characters.  Henry is a perfect geek with his knack for inventing spy gadgets.  Francoise becomes involved with Linc in the hunt for the evil Mona Lisa painting.  Together they follow the clues and decipher the codes left by Francoise’s father concerning the painting.

Boys and girls will enjoy this book and love the action, the mystery, the code breaking and the edge-of-your-seat adventures.  The story is similar to the movies of Agent Cody Banks and the Spy Kids series. The ending leads you to believe that a sequel is in the makes because Agent Stark appears at Linc’s door several weeks later.

I would recommend this story for ages 9 – 12 and grades 5 – 7.

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