Escape from Communist Heaven



The Vietnam War.  Just saying it evokes all kinds of memories, images and emotions from people who were directly involved to those of us who were born well after the conflict ended. Usually we hear only the American side or the Viet Cong side of the war but in Escape from Communist Heaven by Dennis W. Dunivan we get to hear what happened to Vietnam after the war was over. Based on a true story, Escape from Communist Heaven reads like Dystopian Fiction and recalls a world that is remarkably like North Korea. Author Dennis W. Dunivan worked with Viet Nguyen to share his story of escape in this fictionalized account. Fans of First They Killed my Father by Loung Un will find this to be a gentler read and while this book is not poetic it is poignant in its simple text.

In this book the main character Viet, whose name means people, is an everyman character who is adapting to life in a new country. But this new country is the same country he was born in only now all of the rules have changed. Now people disappear, there are prison camps for children, good food is a luxury and no one can be trusted. Would you want to escape from communist heaven?



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