The Favorite Daughter

The Favorite Daughter


Allen Say has long been one of my favorite authors/illustrators.  I love his autobiographical journeys in Japanese and American culture, and The Favorite Daughter does not disappoint me.  This book tells the story of Say's daughter Yuriko.  The children at school make fun of Yuriko because of her blonde hair and Japanese features, and because her name sounds like "Eureka".  Yuriko is also upset because she is asked to do yet another art project involving the Golden Gate Bridge.  Yuriko and her father go to a favorite sushi restaurant and a Japanese garden where a man draws a Japanese ink painting of Yuriko's name for her.  Yuriko is newly inspired about her name, and about her project for the Bridge.  The watercolor paintings are complemented by two photographs of the real Yuriko, one as a young girl, and one as a young woman.  I loved this book and highly recommend it to younger school age children.

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