The Flame of Olympus

The Flame of Olympus


Home alone during a fierce thunderstorm; Emily hears a loud thud on the roof of her top-floor Manhattan apartment. Bravely investigating, she finds a badly wounded Pegasus and learns not only that Olympus is real, but that something terrible has been happening there. Enlisting the help of surly schoolmate Joel, Emily tries desperately to keep Pegasus a secret and still get him the help he needs to heal.

Unknown to both of them, Pegasus isn’t the only Olympian to have fallen to earth. Found unconscious and brought into a hospital, Paelen’s bizarre test scores soon land him in the hands of a mysterious, unpleasant government agency determined to stop at nothing to ascertain exactly who (or what) he is.

Meanwhile, Olympus has fallen to the vicious, seemingly indestructible Nirads. Now they are heading for earth determined to stamp out the remaining Olympians and the earth as well. It is up to Emily, Joel and Paelen to somehow pull together against incredible odds and save both earth and Olympus.


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