Following Papa's Song

Following Papa's Song

As Little Blue, a humpback whale, sets off with his papa on his first coastal journey to the whales’ summer feeding grounds, he is full of questions:   What time will they go?  Which way?  How far?  How does Papa swim so fast?  He asks, “When I am big, Papa, will I still hear your song?”  With his papa’s gentle guidance, Little Blue travels farther than he has ever done before, learns more about humpback life, and discovers a great big, colorful underwater world.  Marveling at the sights and sounds of sea life he encounters during his journey, Little Blue goes deeper and deeper, until he loses sight of his papa!  How will he find his way back?  Listening to Papa!

Marino’s luminous illustrations, created with mixed media on watercolor and mulberry paper, accompany her beautiful story of a bond between father and child, and their connection to time and nature.

Great for Father’s Day—or any day!

Following Papa’s Song is recommended for ages 3-6.

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