Ghost Town

Ghost Town cover

Book 1 of the Saranormal Series

The first book in this new series is about a young girl, Sara Collins, twelve-years-old, who has a psychic ability to see ghosts.  She’s had this ability for as long as she can remember, but she hopes that if she ignores the spirits that they will go away.  When she and her father move from California to a small seashore town in New Jersey she discovers that her new home has ghosts in every room.  Sara also discovers that for the first time the ghosts can communicate with her.  One ghost keeps trying to get Sara to help him.  But Sara hopes that if she ignores him that he will vanish and leave her alone. 

The story plot thickens when Sara makes friends with Lilly and David.  Lilly is related to almost everyone in the small town and becomes a close friend to Sara.  David works at the Haunted House and has the same interest in photography. David’s job has something to do with the ghost and his need of Sara’s help.  Will Sara listen to the ghost?  Will she do the right thing?

This book is an easy read and very enjoyable.  It is a perfect “scary” story for a summer vacation at the beach or the lake.  It is recommended for middle school readers, age 6 through 12.

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