Gone Girl

Gone Girl

What do you get when a weak-willed compulsive liar marries a charming sociopath? You get Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. This gripping mystery begins on Nick Dunne and Amy Elliott Dunne's fifth wedding anniversary, when Amy disappears. The narrative weaves between the present, as Amy's disappearance is investigated (Nick, as the husband, naturally becomes a suspect) and the past, where we see how both characters are experts at manipulating each other. It is a rare for me to enjoy a book when I don't like the characters, but this novel is an exception to that rule. Even though both Nick and Amy are pretty nasty human beings, their story is like a train wreck that you just can't look away from - I was constantly waiting to see what horrible thing happened next. The ending also surprised me. There were elements I expected, but a big surprise at the very end really threw me. If you like mysteries, especially more psychological ones, I highly recommend Gone Girl!

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