Guinea Dog

Guinea Dog

What young boy wouldn’t want a dog? Rufus, a fifth grader, argues persistently to justify his need for a dog. His dad stubbornly lists the many reasons why dogs are forbidden in their house: “They infest the house with blood-sucking fleas” and “They drag dead animals into the house” (p. 3). In an attempt to compromise, Mom brings home a guinea pig.  “Fido” turns out to be no ordinary guinea pig. In fact, she does everything a dog would do! She plays Frisbee, obeys commands, licks faces and fetches sticks. She even retrieves a CD from the player and deposits another in its place by poking her nose under it and up into the hole. This is a fast-paced, humorous romp narrated by Rufus in typical defensive and sarcastic boy style. Animal lovers and anyone who relishes a good fun read will enjoy it. This is a great transition to chapter books.

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