Help! We Need a Title!

Help! We Need a Title!

First published in France in 2013, this book by the author of Press Here is a fun addition to Tullet's growing collection of stellar interactive picture books.  When the book is opened, a pig and fairy (two characters who appear hastily drawn or scribbled) notice that someone is watching them.  They call out to other characters to see that something is looking at their book.  They think about offering a landscape, since the book is a bit messy--there are scribbles and smudges everywhere like you would expect in an unfinished book.  After realizing that the landscape doesn't provide a story they try to add a bad guy, who is actually pretty nice. So, they set out in search of an author.  Just so happens, they know an author and shout out for him--AUTHOR!!! Hervé Tullet opens the door (an actual photograph of his head, placed on a blue colored torso.  Mr. Tullet's facial expression's are priceless, as he tells the reader that they can't stay because he hasn't finished yet.  But the characters are insistent that a story be written so a basic short story is told, and the author sends the characters back on their way.  The characters say good-bye to the reader, and all is well with the book.  There is a reference to the author's bestselling first book to look for, and its fun to see the process of a book being written. 

Don't miss this interactive picture book first published in  2010.

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