Author, Helen Frost elegantly hides poetic verse within a three part story told through the internal monologues of two girls whose paths will coincidentally cross twice in life. Darra and Wren, both ages 14, recognize each other at summer camp. The memories that both have of each other are from a disturbing incident. At the age of 8, Wren was hiding in the back seat of a car that Darra's alcoholic father stole. Not knowing that Wren was inside, he hid the car in his garage. Darra saw the car in the garage and heard the news about a stolen car and a missing girl. Darra knew that Wren was there. Frost develops stark contrasts between each of the girls’ memories and mixed feelings about their heartbreaking past, but the ending is hopeful.  Readers who like fast paced drama and thoughtful character development will enjoy this book. (Recommended for grades 6 and up.) 

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