I Love Dirt!

I Love Dirt!

Ahhh Spring!

I love being outside; hearing, smelling, and feeling nature.  As a kid, I spent many afternoons just sitting up in “my tree.”  I would read or write little stories about the things I saw in the clouds.  I would actually get excited when it rained in the spring so I could go searching for worms that had been flushed from their homes.

 Now, I'm a mom with three kids that sit in the house on the computer or on one of the (I counted) nine different computerized devices that we own.  They don't have a tree spot picked out in the yard or get excited when it rains.  I'm not sure they even notice it's raining.

 I am on a mission to get outside!  I know there are other mothers out there dealing with the same problem.  This book may be our solution.

I LOVE DIRT!  by Jennifer Ward

Ward has 52 activities to help you and your kids discover the wonders of nature in all four seasons.  Some ideas are puddle jumping in the spring, arranging a backyard camp-out in the summer, finding a thinking spot in the yard in the fall, and studying the constellations in the winter.  All of her examples are simple and sweet but would make a huge impact on any child that may be experiencing them for the very first time.

I chose this book because the Forward was written by Richard Louv, the 2013 Fox Cities Reads author.  If you are interested in more outdoors reading, Louv’s books are Last Child in the Woods and The Nature Principle.   

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