But I Read It On the Internet

But I Read It On the Internet


In this tale, Hunter is determined that only books can provide facts, while Carmen is certain that everything on the Internet must be true.  Mrs. Skorupski, the school librarian, provides the students with a "Website Evaluation Gizmo" that assists students in determining if the facts found on a website can be trusted.  Carmen and and Hunter both decide to research the same topic, but both have different ideas as to whether an idea is true.  Hunter, who has never been to a public library before and doesn't have Internet access at home, finds help from a public librarian in using search engines.  Carmen and Hunter both learn about their topic, and discover new facts from the Internet.  The only detraction from this book is that Mrs. Skorupski is depicted as a very stereotypical librarian, from her glasses, down to her shoes.  I enjoyed this book and can see myself using it with 3rd and 4th grade students.

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