I Scream Ice Cream

A Book of Wordles (2013)
I Scream Ice Cream

What’s a “wordle?”  According to creators Rosenthal and Bloch, wordles are “groups of words that sound exactly the same but mean different things,” such as “I scream,” and “ice cream”; “Heroes,” and “He rows.” This setup is followed by a baker’s dozen of wordles.  One of my favorites is a fellow shouting, while being chased by two deer with big antlers, “I scream!  Two bucks!” followed by an ice cream vendor selling “Ice cream, two bucks!”  Other favorites include characters from fairy tales, and a little plug for Rosenthal’s book Little Pea.  The charming, mixed-media pictures help describe the people and actions of each group of wordles, in a silly but witty cartoon modern style that goes wonderfully with the text.  Most wordle sets are divided by a turn of the page, which allows the reader to guess the second part of the two wordles after reading the first.  It inspired me to make up my own wordles too! “No word? Dull! Know Wordle!”

This book is recommended for kids ages 5-10, or anyone who loves wordplay!  Also recommended is Rosenthal’s 2013 book Exclamation Mark! and 2012 book Wumbers (with words cre8ed with numbers), both illustr8ed by Tom Lichtenheld!

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