Island of Silence

Book 2 of the Unwanteds
cover for Island of Silence

Alex Stowe, and his Artimé friends, Lani, Samheed and Megan are recovering from the battle with Quill and learning to adapt now that the barrier between the two areas is down.  But peace is not easily obtained.  The conflict centers on the differences between the twin brothers Alex and Aaron.  With the High Priest Justine overthrown Mr. Today is trying to work with the new High Priest Haluki to bring about peace. But Aaron is leading the Wanteds who are angry at having to do their own work to repel and fight again.  Alex is being trained by Mr. Today to become the leader of Artimé, but Alex is unsure of himself.  The task ahead of them is helping the Necessaries adapt to their new life in Artimé,

Things get more complicated when two strange orange eyed kids show up on the shore of Artimé.  Questions arise that Alex and his friends must find the answers: who are these children?  where do they come from? and why do they wear a choker of thorns around their necks that are preventing them from talking?  These children are clues to one of the islands to the West.  This island known as Warbler use to be Mr. Today’s home before he came to Quill.  He now wants to return for a vacation and he wants Alex to take over as leader.  These new twists add more story as each Stowe twin figures out their next move.  Who will prevail?  Can the two worlds ever live in harmony?  These are just a few of the questions that need answers.  After a devastating cliff-hanger where all that was won is seemingly lost, and the fate of several central characters is uncertain it is clear that there are many scores still to settle and secrets yet to be revealed.

This story was a very interesting fantasy with Hunger Games and Harry Potter similarities, but differently its own.  I would recommend it to ages 11-15 who enjoy magical adventures.

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