The Kite that Bridged Two Nations (2013)

The Kite That Bridged Two Nations


It was 1847 and sixteen-year-old Homan Walsh was reputed to be the best kite flyer in Niagara Falls. That same year, Charles Ellet Jr. was hired to build a suspension bridge connecting the United States and Canada two and a half miles north of Niagara Falls. Charles and his engineers wondered how they could string the first wire across the tumultuous water. To solve this dilemma; Charles Ellet Jr. held a kite flying competition. The first boy to fly his kite from one side to the other would win a cash prize, and his kite string would be the guide for the first wire. This is the story of Homan Walsh, the kite he built and named Union and one cold, icy January where he ferried to Canada and tromped two miles north through the snow to see if his kite could make it the 800 ft back to the United States.


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