Letter to My Daughter


On the night before her fifteenth birthday, Liz gets into a heated argument with her mother that ends with Liz running away from home. Laura, the anguished and guilt-ridden mother, is left sitting in their Baton Rouge home praying for Liz's quick and safe return. To pass the time, Laura decides to write her daughter a letter about her own troubled adolescence. In doing so, she hopes to give Liz insight that she does understand what she is going through. Laura's parents had her sent to a strict Catholic boarding school following her forbidden relationship with a boy from the wrong part of town. In the telling of her story, the reader is transported to a time when some things were different but others very much the same.

This is a great coming of age novel that women, both young and old, can relate to. It is an extremely fast read at less than 150 pages, but it will touch you for a very long time. Have a box of Kleenex nearby when you read this one - for a man, George Bishop captures the pain of being a teenage girl and a mother with astonishing accuracy. Well done!

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