The Lion and the Bird

The Lion and the Bird


First published in French as Le lion et l'oiseau, Marianne Dubuc's picture book about a lion who rescues an injured bird is a story about true friendship.  It's autumn, and when a bird falls to the ground, Lion can't just leave Bird alone.  He bandages his new friend, but notices that the flock leaves without him.  The Lion immediately declares: "Don't worry! You won't be cold here."  Lion takes him home, as there is enough room for two in Lion's home.  Several wordless spreads follow, showing the two participating in various activities together.  I particularly enjoyed the image of the bird sleeping in Lion's slipper.  Lion recognizes that winter isn't all that cold with a friend.  But when spring returns, so does the flock of birds, which the no-longer-injured bird wishes to return to.  More images of Lion follow.  He is alone.  And then autumn comes.  Lion is hopeful when he sees the flock of birds overhead...The page following shows Lion looking forlorn, his face not able to betray the sadness he feels.  However, the book does have a happy ending.  This book made me feel happy.  It's not a large group storytime book, but a book that would be wonderful shared one-on-one with a child.

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