Little Blog on the Prairie


Thirteen year old Gen doesn't want to spend her entire summer vacation with her family at an 1890's styled frontier camp.  It's her mother's idea to commit the family to this experience in living history and the owners of this camp take their social experiment very seriously.  To preserve her sanity, Gen smuggles in a cell phone so that she can text her friends about every painful experience of forced frontier life, including the details of meeting Caleb, a very cute fellow camper, and Nora, the very jealous and bitter daughter of the camp owners.   Gen discovers that the zealous anti-technology camp owners have a secret technology hideout.  Not only do the camp owners discover Gen's phone, they discover that her text messages have been transcribed by Gen's friends into a blog that has attracted a national following.  This humorous look at our dependence on modern technology also offers some compelling life lessons through the voice of a very believable teenage voice. Recommended for age 12 and up.

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